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XINGXING Strategy:
Industry development,Capital operation,Two-wheel driven,Diversified development
Enlarge leading manufacturing industry,Do a good job in modern service industry and emerging industries.

Business Philosophy:
Adjustment in developing,then promotion from adjusting
The essence that the process of enterprise development, is through the internal adjustment, to adapt to the changing process of objective conditions. One is not sensitive to the changes of the enterprise, will eventually become a mummy. It’s necessary to activate the body, prevent organization rigidity and backward, and adhere to the basic management idea, no innovation, no development. We should dare to deny self, perfect myself, accumulate over a long period, step by step, sustainable development, and constantly promote the growth of customer value and ascend.

Business Style:
Perfect,Strict,Careful, Honest,Good, Fast

Our Slogan:
XINGXING,the confidence of the Chinese.

Products: Refrigerators, freezers, showcase Copyight ZHEJIANG XINGXING REFRIGERATION CO.,LTD  Designed:

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